Actor Demo Reels Frequently Asked Questions

What Exactly is This? It’s a personalized demo shoot that gives you the best promotional tool your career will ever have. How does it work? We write and produce scenes starring you, tailor it to your goals, make it look like you booked the job, make you look fantastic, shoot with the best gear, add post-production sound, effects and music, and best of all, we coach you through the whole thing. Why do I need this? Demos are virtually mandatory, especially when you're starting out. 'They' want to see what you look like on camera, check out your acting chops, range, and marketability, see what you might look like on their show, and know that you have worked on a set. What do I do with it? Post and send it everywhere to promote yourself.  Use it to get an agent or manager if you need one.  Book some gigs.  Add your professional work to our demo a bit at a time until our stuff drops off.   Watch your star rise. OK, I'm convinced! So.... how much? Click here to be taken to our pricing page.   You can also add extras, like a make-up artist, or an extra long scene, or a special location. What's the process?

  1. Consultation meeting to talk about your career goals and design your demo.
  2. We write your scenes.  Back and forth over email.  Finalize.
  3. Rehearse with your director.  Make sure you’re as good as you can be.
  4. Shoot.  Best gear, real locations, crew.
  5. Go until you’re happy (within reason).  You decide.
  6. Edit, add sound effects, video effects, music, titles, foley, transitions, etc.
  7. You approve the final cut.
  8. Get a USB stick with small, medium and large files, or get it posted to Vimeo so you can share and download it.
  9. We can set up Vimeo or YouTube Channels for you to show your work.

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Actor Demo Reels